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 Graduation Ceremony
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Graduation Ceremony

Accomplishment of a journey
and inception of another!

Dreams, aspirations and a sparkle in the eye for a successful future! Mingle it with traits of little apprehension and some amount of anxiety- and you get the first day a student steps into the college. Indeed, the first day is what they will remember throughout their life. For the institute, while every child is different, so is the fact that every student is special. We at the Rasioni Group of institutions see our students growing, falling, learning and maturing. It is nothing short of a journey for us than it is for them.

This is the rationale behind the sour-sweet feeling when the students are commemorated on their Graduation day. It is the commemoration of the diligence they showed. It is the celebration of the hard work they pursued. It is the rejoice of the discipline they were a part of. And our best wishes pertaining to the fact that they are now ready to take a new plunge. The Graduation ceremony is organized on 30th June every year, as it is the Birth date of our Founder Late Shri G H Raisoni.

A Graduation ceremony includes

An academic procession

An academic procession

The academic procession involves the distinguished chief guests, the professors, the Vice Chancellor and the Chairman in robes and graduation caps approaching the dais. It is the podium, where they are seated and the students come to take their degrees.

Saraswati Vandana

Saraswati Vandana and lighting of the lamp

As a sign of devotion towards the Goddess Saraswati a prayer is pursued. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge. This is followed by the lighting of the lamp in front of the idol.

Degree ceremony

Degree ceremony

The students are required to reach the stage one at a time as they are handed over their degree of completion the Graduation/ Post Graduation/ Doctorate. The students who have shown exceptional academic excellence are felicitated with Gold and Silver medals.

Achievers Award

Achiever’s Award

Every year one student, who has shown exemplary performance in all the fields like academics, innovations, research etc. is accorded the Achiever’s Award

Pledge Administration

Pledge Administration

The Degree ceremony is followed by the pledge ceremony, wherein the students take a pledge.


National Anthem

The National Anthem is sung by the students, the Professors, and the distinguished Chief guests. This marks the culmination of the ceremony.

For the students

For the students

  • The robe is provided by the college for the Graduation ceremony. The students are required to deposit money for the same. This money is refunded to the students when they return the robe.
  • The students are required to be present in the rehearsal for the ceremony. It is obligatory.
  • The students need to sit in the hall in the allotted seat.
  • It is mandatory to maintain a decorum and decency by the students during the ceremony.
  • The verification of the students is also pursued before the graduation ceremony.
  • The students are not allowed to take any personal pics in the auditorium.

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