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Academics is a vast field. There is immense to learn from, avail knowledge of and get informed about during the college/school days. We at the Raisoni Group of Institutions continue to pave the path of academic excellence for the students. With a plethora of events organized round the year, we also provide the students in the field of Computers, Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Civil, Electrical with a common platform to present their ideas.

Paroksha is the result of the same school of thought.


What is Paroksha?

  • Paroksha is a National level project, paper, and gaming competition for the students belonging to the Polytechnic colleges and schools.
  • It aims to bring the polytechnic students students of all the under a single umbrella to discuss their innovative approaches.
  • With this common platform the rationale is to provide with constructive and beneficial conversation on a plethora of theoretical concepts and practical ideas.

What does it include?

Project presentation

Project presentation

It is a competition for the diploma students. It is on a National level. The students can avail this platform to bring life to their creative ideas in the form of a technical model. With the aid of this presentation, the students are able to nurture their technical involvement. At the same time they are better capable to imbibe and portray the theoretical aspects.

Paper presentation

Paper presentation

It is National level completion. It is basically a paper presentation. It is open for the diploma students throughout the country. In order to participate in this, the students need to follow the IEEE journal/conference paper format. The maximum number of pages ranges from 6-8. The students are also required to provide with an overall presnetaion about the paper in front of a panel of judges.

Gaming competition

Gaming competition

It is a National level completion which involves gaming.

students benefit from it

How can the students benefit from it?

  • Avail a single platform to learn about the level of competition prevalent in the current scenario.
  • Showcase your technical implementation talent well merged with an understanding of the theoretical concepts in front of eminent professors.
  • Get rewarded for showing excellence in theoretical and technical skills and participation certificate for all the students.
  • Gain heaps of information.
process for registration

What is the process for registration?

  • The Registration fee is required to be filled.
  • The project or the paper should have the concept associated with innovative ideas and progressive work.
  • The correspondence with respect to the event needs to be done on the email id.
  • When submitting the project or the paper care should be taken to accompany it with complete affiliation, the group number, the mobile number and the email id of the student/students.
  • The maximum number of students which can be in a group for paper or project presentation can be 4/5.
  • The decision of the evaluation panel will be final.

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