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5 Things to look for while choosing Engineering Branch

5 Things to look for while choosing Engineering Branch

5th June, 2018

Why be an Engineer?

Because, there is a joy in having the ability to create, to be able to change the world with your imagination and ideas and to know that you have the ability to make a difference in this vast world. Engineering is not just a profession, it is the creative application of science, technology, and mathematical methods to innovate, design, construct and operate machines, materials, devices, and organizations..

The future is looking up for Engineers in times to come without being worried about uncertainties and complications faced in other major career fields. So, if you are also looking at Engineering to change your life and of those around you, these are the 5 important things that you should consider while choosing the branch of Engineering that will enable you to do so.

1. Interests and Passion:

Narrowing down the branch of Engineering to specialize in is a tall order. Engineering specializations are wide-reaching, and the various disciplines involve various forms of technical design and problem-solving. While scope is a deciding factor, it is also true that it is variable and changes with time as new trends keep evolving every year. Every branch has good scope and opportunities based on the Engineer’s performance. So, combined with your interest and enthusiasm, you can be sure to make a mark in all the jobs you undertake in the field of your interest.

So remember, it is very important to go for a branch that is of your interest.

2. Facilities: Branch vs College

With wide varieties of colleges and branches to choose from, it is obvious to get confused in the process of making a decision. But what matters most is the exposure and specialization in the field of your choice that you get during your years of study that helps you in the long run. A random choice, or a choice influenced by the name of the college can’t be the deciding factor, instead what matters is the infrastructure and facilities that the college offers to prepare you for the real challenge as an engineer.

Thus, it is a good choice to run through college websites and assess their course material, teaching staff, internship, Placement opportunities, value-added skill courses that are offered before making the final decision.

3. Scope

The scope is one of the deciding factors because it decides the direction that your career takes and the growth opportunities that it provides. While a decision is a combination of many different factors, choosing a branch based on its scope in the future is a wise decision.

Though it is true that the scope changes every few years, it is also true that some engineering branches have foreseeable scope for years to come. Like, If you are good with the imagination of 3D objects and have good logical thinking then mechanical is not only good for you, but also the scope of mechanical engineering has a very high probability of getting far better in India in upcoming years. For those fascinated by computers, data engineering is revolutionizing the world and will continue to do so for years to come So Computer Science can be the answer. For curious innovative minds playing with sensors and gadget and world going for 7G networks, Electronics can be the choice.

With growing power sector in India Electrical have high scope for coming years.

4. Job Prospects and Geographical Preference

Not all engineering branches find applications in all geographical areas. Civil Engineering is one site-specific branch that will take you on the fields, and under the sun for a lot of work purposes. Metallurgical Engineers are bound to work around furnaces and metals, (Mining Engineering to work in extraction & Process)as are Computer Engineers bound to work with software & applications computers. Thus, choosing a branch based on the geographical area where you would like to spend your working hours is a factor worth serious consideration.

5. Life after graduation: Work or Higher studies

Engineers work in all walks of life and it is critical to understand the expectations from you when you take up a job as a professional. However, if you aspire to do post- graduation and specialize in the field of your under-graduation, the branch that you choose will influence your decision and choice while opting for it. A mechanical engineer can specialize in CAD/CAM Robotics or automobile engineering, but an automobile engineer will have to face limited options while opting for a masters degree. Electronics graduate can opt for VLSI, Embedded system. However, the engineers trying to make their career in government jobs have core engineering branches like Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, or electrical engineering to consider for higher chances of success in the field.

You may choose further studies or work right after your engineering, but the life that you aim for is impacted by the branch of engineering that you choose at the time of under-graduation.

Concluding, there is a vast sea of choice and opportunities in the field of engineering which might seem mind-boggling, but considering all the options that you seem important along with giving serious weight to your interest and passion will help you carve your way to success.

Good luck for your life as an influencer, as an Engineer!

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