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7 Tips to choose the right UG course

7 Tips to choose the right UG course

5th June, 2018

Choosing an Under Graduate course is no doubt a daunting task as this is what would set forth your future. The task is both precarious and important. While you need to choose a stream that would genuinely interest it but you have to also keep in mind the future prospects attached to it.

To help you sail through this mind-boggling exercise we have prepared this 7 tips guide set for you, with which you can make an intelligent and informed choice.

1. Do some soul searching

First, do some soul searching and figure out where does your real passion lie. If you can’t figure out decisively, which most of us at teenage aren’t able to there are many online and psychological tests available which help you determine your aptitude and guide you towards a field of your interest.

2. You can opt for general courses

If you are still unclear, then it’s always better to opt for general courses like engineering, science or commerce. These are generally broad areas and you can pursue them and in the course narrow down your area of interest.

3. Compare different streams

It’s better to compare different streams and makes notes of its future prospects. If you see yourself in those shoes later then you are no doubt in the right direction. After all, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a field that would be a burden for you later.

4. Ask people who have been through this

No doubt this is a mundane task, but you are not the first one in this dilemma and won’t be the last. Ask people from the university you are applying to, talk to the staff or just search for career scope attached to the field you are choosing or intent to choose.

5. Career Roadmap

Choose a UG course because you know that you will take this specific career path or proceed in advanced study. Decide to take a class or two in the relevant discipline online or check out Youtube material for the related subject. Go through the syllabus and make sure you’re ready for the course which will lead you to the career of your dreams.

6. Earning Potential

What the course would offer as an earning potential is always worth considering. Every college is essentially a big investment not just in terms of money involved but also investing the most formative years of your life. Sometimes you might even have to take loans. This has to be kept in your subconscious mind always that the ultimate game is to win, in terms of a better life, better-paid jobs or even better quality of life.

7. The key is a good college

Ultimately it all comes down to this. When you are at the right place they will help you figure it out, through counseling, better facilities, and career guidance. Like the Raisoni Group of institutions, where they are training not just for a degree but for life with skills that are a demand of respective industries.

Make proper research and embrace and uphold your decision responsibly. This is the foundation of your character and a life of responsibility, commitment, and accountability.

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