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A Quick Guide to  Preparing for your Dream Career

A Quick Guide to Preparing for your Dream Career

11th December, 2019
  • Identify your Goal :

‘To be, or not to be, that is the question’
What to do you want to do when you graduate? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? These are the typical questions you will face in any interview. Though the questions sound to be clichéd, they are extremely important.
So what are the options?

a) Campus Placement
b) Higher Studies
c) Entrepreneurship
d) I really don’t know

If your answer is out of the first three options it is good. And if it is the 4th option, it is even better. At least you have accepted that you don’t know. Here is a simple process that may help you identify your area of interest.

Decision Matrix: Arrange your career options as rows and Factors affecting themes columns. You may give weights to different options. So in the example given below, the highest weight is to Finance. Next, give marks out of 5 in every column, based on your opinion.
Factors: Interest Finance, Parent Support Technical Aptitude Growth Prospects Total
Weights: 0.4 0.2 0.2 0.2 1
Campus Placement/Job 5 2 5 5 4.4
Higher Studies 0 3 2 2 1.4
Entrepreneurship 2 2 1 3 2
Sample calculation (Campus Placement/Job)→ 50.4+20.2+50.2+50.2=4.4

Being a placement officer, I have got the highest score in the Placement row. You may do your own calculations. I will recommend using your own options as rows and own factors as columns. 

  • IT, Core, Programming or..….????

Assuming that you have opted for placements, the next big question is should I go for IT or for Core?

Fundamentally, this question is wrong. All industry sectors are interdependent. You may start in a particular job role, but as you grow you will have to take up many positions, especially managerial ones. I would like you to have a look at the LinkedIn profile of one of your seniors. Sinam Lenin Singh, an Electrical Engineer from GHRCE always had a passion to lead, and now he is working with CISCO but not in the technical role but as HR. So you may be an Engineering graduate, but you can always take a role in other domains.

You may take this exercise to find out what your seniors are doing? How they got there? What skills did they acquire? This should give you a fair idea of different job roles in the market and required skills.
There are many other online resources that tell you about skill requirements for a specific company and job role.

You may visit http://www.skilldevelopment.gov.in/ssc.html and then follow any one industry sector.

For example, if you explore the options in the IT sector you may visit http://www.sscnasscom.com/ssc-projects/career-paths/animated-career-maps/it-services/
Please note, even a Mechanical Engineer can find a relevant technical profile in the IT sector, for example, CAD software design and a Computer Science engineer can find a role in Steel Industry.

  • Prepare a good Resume:

A well-prepared resume can help you sail through the shortlisting process. Especially in today’s context many of the companies are relying on distance hiring. The trend is expected to only grow in that direction. It is not only your Resume but also your Social network profile which is under scrutiny. There are many articles online which may guide you about how to prepare a resume. You may refer to the following link for a good article on this topic

As a student, you may find it challenging to prepare your first resume. Here is a wonderful free tool called ‘Resume Builder’ by Accenture. You can register on this website and use the templates to create a nice looking Resume.

One very important aspect of your resume is that it cannot be the same for every company or job profile. You have to carefully craft it for every opportunity. The task may seem daunting, but it is worth the effort.

  • Practice Practice Practice!

No matter what was your 10th, 12th score or CGPA is, today companies are looking out for skills. So if you aspire to be a Coder then you must have those skills. You must have participated in many hackathons, online competitions by various IT companies and you must have prepared at least 5-6 projects during your academic years. The following are some of the online platforms that you can explore to practice coding.


I am sure if you are really interested you can find many more such platforms. Key is to practice, you may also find many apps on Playstore and AppStore which can help you learn, code and practice.

In case you are interested in joining PSUs or Navratna companies then you must have a valid GATE Score. The GATE score is also considered as a mark of your technical competence by many of the private companies. For more information on GATE 2018, please visit the following link.

  • Must-haves:

I have deliberately not touched upon some aspects like how to dress, body language etc.to avoid your focus on these things at the outset. You will certainly get a lot of training in this area through college. These are the skills that are an absolute must. Another must is discipline and punctuality. This may sound preachy but it is the deciding factor when there are many equals.

There is a famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt :

“No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent.”

Now it is up to you to decide your path and prepare accordingly! If you wish to, there is no dearth of a support system!

Wish you all the best!

BY –
Kantilal Joshi
Dean Placements & Industry Relations
G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur

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