Raisoni Group Of Institutions
Raisoni Group Of Institutions

The students have immense to learn from the educational institutes in the form of availing information, obtaining knowledge and acquiring skills. Undoubtedly, promising employment opportunities continue to be that one pertinent objective of gaining higher education. And, we at the Raisoni Group of Institutions make sure to pave the path for our students to get better in their endeavor of achieving career milestones.

In order to create and update an enhanced career graph, we have been organizing the Skill Development Programs in our Engineering institutes for years.


What is skill development program?

  • It is very much a part of the curriculum of our Engineering institutes.
  • It involves specially crafted classes for developing employability skills in the students.
  • It inculcates customized programs associated with each and every department of the educational institute.

What Does It Include?

  • Fabricating and executing skill development programs for students. Education, knowledge, and information are of paramount significance. However, it is even more pertinent that the students are well aware of the requisite skill set of the industry. With our skill development programs, we make the students fluent in the requisite skill sets.
  • There are skill gaps witnessed by the students in entry-level jobs. With the program, we make sure to identify those gaps. Then, we fill the space so that the students become ready to conquer the industry.
  • We recognize the potential job categories in the various industries through the program. Enlightening the students with the same, we make them industry ready too.
  • Our team consists of faculty members of the institute and the industry experts. Thus, guiding the students, empowering them with practical knowledge and making them job-ready become rather seamless with the program. The students are challenged to pursue better with the various modules of the program.
  • Know-how of the present day market is availed and the students enrich through it. Thus, development of the ability to work in the industry - the atmosphere is achieved with ease. The forums make it feasible for the students to grow their employability quotient as well.

What Is the Process of Registration?

  • Contact the concerned faculty of your department to avail admission to the skill development programs.
  • A registration form will be required to be filled.
  • The student will be informed with regards to the program via email or call.

What are its Benefits?

  • It will ensure you stay well knowledgeable with respect to the need and requirement of the present-day industry.
  • It will make you ready to take challenges in your job with better insights.
  • It will develop confidence in you.
  • It will brush your skills and make you informed about the trends of the market.
  • It will give the requisite boost to your CV.
  • It will give that pertinent push to your professional skills.
  • It will give you opportunities to discuss and get benefit from the industry experts about the innovations in the industry.
  • It will bring you face-on with the prospects of the employment industry.
  • It will aid in creating strong links with the industry.
  • It will also act as the career guidance for the students.
  • It will provide with the certification, which is much required for the industry placements.